Gurutze-Berri Etxea, Bizardia Plaza, 7 - 20180 OIARTZUN  Tel: (0034) 943490625 - 943491037
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GURUTZE BERRI has always been a quiet lovely place. It has been offering the very best facilities and services and has been improving step by step since it was created so that all our commitments are perfectly fulfilled.

Gurutze Berri is a place where all the members of our professional staff will pay attention to the slightest details. It is also the place where you will taste one of the most prestigious cookeries by Xabier Zapirain, who will give you the chance to savour delicious dishes, as our specialties during the shooting season (game & big game).

The Hotel-Restaurant Gurutze-Berri has a private dining-room where you can eat Ă  la carte. This dining-room has won several international prizes. We have 3 big dining rooms to all types of events.

Thanks to its traditional decoration, to its air-conditioning and to its independence regarding the other dining-rooms, the atmosphere is very pleasant and welcoming there.

Our dining-rooms are spacious and comfortable and have capacity for 20 to 300 guests. Moreover, there is also room for dance floor.

We have working-rooms too, traditional food kitchen, and don't forget our specialities in catching. All that in a kind ambient.

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